Frat Shoes – Everyone Has a Pair

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May 23, 2017
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Frat Shoes – Everyone Has a Pair

Everyone Has a Pair

Whether it be Converse, Vans, Stan Smiths or a pair of fake Yeezy’s you bought in a sketchy back alley, every college student needs a pair of frat shoes. These seemingly indestructible shoes shield our feet from the mysterious substances that inhabit frat house floors and the endless hordes of strangers stepping on our toes. Their exclusive purpose is to be beaten, abused, and soiled by us and other blacked out college students. When push comes to shove, everyone needs a sturdy pair of shoes to carry them through the lawless land that is a college party and back home when the night comes to an end.

Going from white to nearly black over the course of the semester–depending on how often you Clorox wipe them–these special shoes hold a dear place in our hearts. Lacing up your favorite pair of mud-caked sneakers becomes a ritual in getting ready for a night out, much like the glass of water you chug at 9:30 or the lone slice of plain bread you grab as the Uber is arriving. Whether you’re going to the local college bar, frat house, concert, or a random party you found on Boom, the last piece of your partying puzzle is your frat shoes. Each time you tie that extra-tight double knot you know the night is about to get lit.

Even better, no one’s ever going to steal your frat shoes. Even the most depraved thieves are not interested in your jungle juice-stained sk8 highs. Knowing your shoes are safe in your possession is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, because you know you will need them for next weekend. Also, by knowing what shoes you are going to wear you have one less thing to worry about when turning up. You would be nothing without your go-to sneaks that match every outfit and (almost) every occasion.

After all, they are yours and yours alone. They have survived numerous nights on the row, the Young Thug concert, Cabo, and the time you got lost inside an underground German night club. No other pair is quite the same. With an exact mold of your feet and all of your unique stains and smells from legendary nights, nothing replaces your Frat shoes.

So, here’s to you, frat shoes. Protecting our feeble feet from the perils of college-abused hardwood floors each night is a much needed service that only you (or Uber) can provide. Next time you’re gearing up for the next night out, remember your day-one frat shoes that keep you functioning when your brain isn’t.


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